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Small Business Growth and Wealth Plan

Solution for Wealth and Asset Protection with Life Contingency and Business Succession Planning.

Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration. Estate laws can be tricky or confusing. Take a shortcuts or failing to prepare can leave your loved ones with unnecessary expenses or lengthy court battles.

Business Planning & Transactions and Dispute Protection or Litigation. I have the experience to help keep you out of trouble and the muscle to represent you in court, if needed. Plus, the ability to help you conquer emergencies through utilization of contingency preparation road maps.

Small Business Financial Issues

Wealth and Asset Protection with Strong Customized Representation Applying Laws That Protect You.

Financial Issues Often Plague Business Expansion and can include predatory lending, unfair sales, unconscionable contracts, plus tax issues. A lawyer versed with these laws, who is a skilled negotiator and an able litigator can often aid your success and protect your wealth.

Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Debt Resolution Alternatives for persons or businesses who have assets or high gross receipts for whom the high volume clinics that are not able to provide a customized or effective answer, I am experienced with debt resolution solutions.

At the Cohen Law Offices My Business is Small Business

Lloyd D. Cohen is your experienced, dependable resource for legal assistance with:
  • Small Business Growth and Wealth Planning, and
  • Small Business Financial Issues, and
  • Individual or Family Asset Protection and Estate Planning - protecting Proprietors, Entrepreneurs and their families.
Lloyd D. Cohen is a Columbus and central Ohio based business, personal & bankruptcy attorney, and for over 30 years also serving the Grove City, Hebron and Zanesville areas. The practice is dedicated to businesses, proprietors, start-ups entrepreneurs and their families. The concentration is small business growth and wealth and financial issues including asset protection and estate planning. Services can include business start-up packages, new lease or commercial review, mortgage or predatory lending defenses, tax, plus wills, trusts, estate planning and probate – striving to provide dependable advice, decisive action, experienced representation, and personal service.

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